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The best long term improvement you can make for your company is to hire better quality employees.
Better quality employees come from doing two things well:

Recruiting & Selection

Being selective means defining what you want and systematically assessing applicants against those standards. It also means not settling for second best just because you're tired of looking at resumes.

Human Resources Consulting
will update your selection
technology with modern
structured interviews, valid
skills and personality tests,
and realistic job simulations.

The costs of hiring mistakes are often hidden.
Accountants don't calculate the opportunity cost that occurs when you hire adequate
employees instead of really good employees.
If they did, it would get your attention.

Research shows that top employees are two times as productive as average employees. That means two times the production for the same salary cost.

Calculate the return for your company from replacing average employees with top employees. It will be a really big number, something worth considering the next time you're ready to hire.


(615) 822-4979
fax number: (615) 216-8508