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The best long term improvement you can make for your company is to hire better quality employees.
Better quality employees come from doing two things well:

Recruiting & Selection

is competitive marketing.

If you want top tier employees, you'll need to do something besides
placing an ad on the Internet.

Effective Recruiting Requires Creativity & Effort

Short cuts like temp-to-hire body shops and headhunters can fill your vacancies, but they won't provide top quality recruits. Temp firms and headhunters are in the business of selling you bodies.

The best recruiting programs are company programs.
After all, it is your future that is at stake.
We'll help you devise recruiting strategies, find sources,
and create effective methods.

Together, we'll build a
recruiting process that brings in
top quality candidates.

(615) 822-4979
fax number: (615) 216-8508